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Featuring a selection of 700 items, Fontaine's Auction Gallery 's two-session auction, held on May 22 and also May 29, grossed $3 million. He usually paired these shades with his own bronze bases. I was hooked. Several conservatively-estimated lots proved to be nice surprises, including a Louis Majorelle Art Nouveau walnut and fruitwood marquetry writing desk that more than tripled its high estimate to bring $12,705. us at any time to inquire about completed Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios Favrile Tall Pulled Feather Vase, ca. Ring mottle glass refers to sheet glass with a pronounced mottle created by localized, heat-treated opacification and crystal-growth dynamics. Monumental 1793 English carved oak tall case clock, which sold for $127,050. Tiffany Glass is generally characterized by multi-colored, textured, opalescent glass that is primarily used in lamps, windows, vessels, ceramics, and various other items. More than 20 years ago we started our extensive glass collection which now presents nearly every available color. Special service: professional Tiffany Lamp Restoration. Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of Robert Koch. Glas, Glass Panels, Tifany, Tifani, Tiffani, Tyfany, Tiffanny, Tiffanies, Tiffany-like copycat (stylistic copies), fantasies (forms and designs that did not exist historically), and fakes abound. Tiffany Studios Abalone Art Glass Favrile Steuben Quezal Handel Era Desk Lamp. | Clear Film Patterns, view more pictures from Inside Since 2002, LiveAuctioneers has made exceptional items available for safe purchase in secure online auctions. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art 445 North Park Avenue | Winter Park, FL 32789 . (78.7 x 123.2 cm.) In addition to popular leaded glass Tiffany Lamps like the Dragonfly and the Wisteria, the company . The Jewelry and Enamels of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The earliest pieces of blown Tiffany Favrile Glass tend to . Sold for $315,000 in Tiffany on 9 December 2022 at Christie's New York 5 The 20th century's most expensive Tiffany lamp at auction Wikipedia. (57-005) Follow Us. Tiffany Studios lamps are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and, nowadays, their rarity. [6] Traditionally used for organic details on leaves and other natural elements, ring mottles also find a place in contemporary work when abstract patterns are desired. pageTracker._trackPageview(). Cell Tiffany achieved monumental success during the early twentieth century, but after World War I, as tastes shifted to more simplified styles, his designs fell out of favor. Timeless Beauty: The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany. In 1920, Tiffany's glass making studios became Louis C. Tiffany Furnaces, Inc. In 1892, Tiffany patented Favrile glass, meant to capture the qualities of medieval glass through a delicate iridescent surface. Streamers are prepared from very hot molten glass, gathered at the end of a punty (pontil) that is rapidly swung back and forth and stretched into long, thin strings that rapidly cool and harden. 71.6160. Innovative textures, vivid colors and sculptural forms set Tiffany Favrile Glass apart from contemporary Art Glass houses who may not have had the experimental (and financial) freedom that Louis Comfort Tiffany was afforded at his glass furnace in Corona, Queens. His most lucrative and renowned endeavor was Tiffany Studios, famed for unique methods in stained glass making and other luxury home goods. A piece of American culture: Tiffany, restoration and repair. visit our Tiffany These words are the sentiment of an artist who created a marketing machine, but who in the end allowed the artistic side to rule. 2008. It features a tapering brick pattern on a geometric-style shade. TIFFANY STUDIOS Fine vase with Virginia creeper, New York, ca. In December 1885 he established the first Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, developing a range of leaded-glass lamps, blown vases, mosaic and stained-glass windows. Male Angel (date unknown), favrile glass. Tiffany Glass Warehouse Our stock of glass encompasses several thousands of Kilogramms of opalescent glass. Find antique Tiffany Studios lamps, decorative glass objects and other works on 1stDibs. Tiffany Studios is a generic name for a wide range of companies established by Louis Comfort TiffanyLouis C. Tiffany & Company (1878-85), Tiffany Glass Company (1885-1897), Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company (1892-1902), Allied Arts (1900-1902), and Tiffany Studios (1902-1932). by Dr. Grotepass-Studios. 1900. In 1893, Tiffany Glass Furnaces was built in Queens, NY, creating a type of blown glass, called Favrile. It was created in 1892 when Louis Comfort Tiffany feared his all-male production staff would go on strike. The glass was manufactured at the Tiffany factory located at 96-18 43rd Avenue in the Corona section of Queens[5] from 1901 to 1932. Louis Tiffany's studio system was not a simple enterprise; he needed specialized workers to accomplish his goals. Tiffany Studios Swirling Leaf Stained Glass Lamp, J Solomon & Macintosh Art Auctions and Antiques, Rare monumental Arts and Crafts period 3 panel Stained glass window Stickley Era, FINE EARLY TIFFANY STUDIOS STAINED GLASS WINDOW, RARE PAIR OF SIGNED TIFFANY STUDIOS LAMPS, RARE TIFFANY STUDIOS STAINED GLASS WINDOW, Tiffany Studios Bronze and Leaded Glass Table Lamp, Pair of Tiffany Studios Double Arm Table Lamps, ART NOUVEAU/ ARTS AND CRAFTS PERIOD WISTERIA STAINED GLASS LAMP UNSIGNED, Pr. These hand blown shards are pressed on the surface of the molten glass sheet during the rolling process, to which they become permanently fused. Flame Tree Publishing, 2014. methods that only we have rediscovered. Favrile Pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since 1975, Tiffany Stained Glass, Ltd. has been serving the architectural and design trades with superior products and services. Lamps, Lamp, Tiffany-Studios, Repair, Restoration, Lampbases, Kog, Tgk, . The discovery in the early 2000s of a trove of letters written by Clara Driscoll, a talented designer who supervised the Womens Glass Cutting Department for Tiffany, has provided invaluable new information about aspects of production at Tiffany Studios. His focus was on aesthetic and the technical production of artistic glass. Lamps gallery Tiffany Studios was a glassmaking company established by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1885. | Bronze Lamp We ship worldwide at reasonable price. Each sheet produced from this artisanal process is unique. lamp orders. His familial ties facilitated prominence at international expositionsa decided advantage for a young artist with big ambitions. The term "opalescent glass" is commonly used to describe glass where more than one color is present, being fused during the manufacture, as against flashed glass in which two colors may be laminated, or silver stained glass where a solution of silver nitrate is superficially applied, turning red glass to orange and blue glass to green. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); Scholars rely on surviving business records and personal accounts of individual employees to glean facts and insights. Its founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany, was a prominent glassmaker and interior designer who rose to fame through his work with stained glass windows in the 1880s, which included the 1882 renovation . The shade is made of golden Favrile glass and has an expertly crafted ruffled rim. These hand-stretched streamers are pressed on the molten surface of sheet glass during the rolling process, and become permanently fused. $463.00 + $16.65 shipping. Tiffany Studios 16-shade Moorish chandelier, which sold for $48,400. Fontaines Auction Gallerys two-day auction on September 24 and 25 was bursting at the seams with fine and luxurious items, and Tiffany Studios was the star of the show. Tiffany Studio's Curtain Border Floor Lamp is 78 inches tall with a bronze base and long vertical glass pieces. Tiffany was an interior designer, and in 1878 his interest turned toward the creation of stained glass, when he opened his own studio and glass foundry because he was unable to find the types of glass that he desired in interior decoration. $750 (1 bid) 6 days Left World Auction Gallery LLC. Tiffany Glass is one of the most recognizable expressions of art to emerge at the turn of the 20th century and is a fine example of the American Art Nouveau movement. made Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Perfume Bottle This diminutive and delicate perfume bottle was made by the legendary Tiffany Studios The rare piece is crafted from the firm's iridescent Favrile glass in the Heart and Vine pattern The brainchild of Louis C. Tiffany, Favrile glass was inspired by ancient Roman glass Get complete item description here Tiffany collectors focus on smaller art glass pieces such as bowls and vases. Tiffany glass refers to the many and varied types of glass developed and produced from 1878 to 1933 at the Tiffany Studios in New York City, by Louis Comfort Tiffany and a team of other designers, including Clara Driscoll,[1][2] Agnes F. Northrop,[3] and Frederick Wilson. Tiffany Studios Aquamarine paperweight, which sold for $50,820. visit our TIFFANY FAVRILE GLASS. We The women's department continued even after the strike threat passed, but the work of the . TIFFANY STUDIOS A 'Peony' Leaded Glass Window from the Darius Goff House, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, circa 1893 in painted wood frame 31 x 48 in. all glass / bronze items The files included photographs of works created early in his career, of historic monuments of personal interest to Tiffany, and of sights and objects from his travels. It will include the collection of Howard and Arlene Lubkin of Rye Brook, New York, and Tiffany Studios lighting from private collections as well as []. high prices that original antique lamps command. Glass developed by Tiffany Studios in New York City by Louis Comfort Tiffany and others. Find the Value of your Tiffany Studios Glass. Phone Like what you see? E-mail: Pre-Owned. Tiffany patented Favrile glass in 1892. appreciate Tiffany Studios work, but who do not wish to pay the incredibly For the past 35 years, I have devoted an enormous amount of time, research and energy to the proper restoration of Tiffany Studios Lamps. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2006. I made glass with him for many years. Reparaturservice, Sonderanfertigungen, fertige Tiffanylampen und -Fenster.Tiffany Glass Store since 1981 selling Tiffany glass, lampbases, tools and 360 lampmolds, selling and shipping worldwide. We "https://ssl." glass available and through meticulous The "Tiffany Girls" was the term used for the Women's Glass Cutting Department at Tiffany Studios. Favrile glass often has a distinctive characteristic that is common in some glass from Classical antiquity: it possesses a superficial iridescence. 5 bids. Glenn Pankewich . New York, NY: Harry Abrams, 1983. Paul was the first Curator of Glass for the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia and was responsible for producing the catalog of the Museum's world-famous Tiffany collection. glass / bronze items are packed Tiffany Tiffany marks are often forged. Louis C. Tiffany and the Art of Devotion. Tiffanys Favrile glass has its own special marks. 1stDibs's price starts at $3,500 and tops out at $59,500, while pieces like these can sell for $11,000 on average. Photograph from the collection of The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. In the Synopsis of the Exhibit of the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company from the Worlds Columbian Exposition in 1893, for examplepublished by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company and freely distributedWill H. Low (18531932) and Lydia Emmet (18661952) are cited beneath pictures of their designs. 68 and same materials Tiffany-Studios New York did. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding new lamp and window commissions, restorations and patinas. Tiffany Glass Giles, 2007. The Lamps of Tiffany Studios: Nature Illuminated Hardcover - Illustrated, October 11, 2016 by Margaret K. Hofer (Author), Rebecca Klassen (Contributor) 47 ratings See all formats and editions Hardcover $29.95 12 Used from $15.38 11 New from $20.74 1 Collectible from $1,870.00 The radiant and beloved masterworks of leaded glass from the Gilded Age. E-mail orders welcome at any As for leaded-glass lampshades, these are among the most popular Tiffanys products. New York (1880-1930). Fake marks usually present poorly formed letters and irregular edges from hand cuttings. Explore over 425 Million sold for prices with item details and images. In fact, Tiffany actually invented a new way of attaching stained glass by use of a copper foiling technique; this process removed the need to connect glass pieces with heavy rods, resulting in an overall more delicate look and feel. This month, The Corning Museum of Glass, which holds one of the most comprehensive collections of Tiffany glass and related materials in the nation, will place on display in its permanent galleries two remarkable examples of the decorative work of Tiffany Studios. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2002. Additional production support was provided by Stourbridge Glass Company (18931902); Tiffany Furnaces, Inc. (190220); and Louis C. Tiffany Furnaces, Inc. (192028). Tiffany, of course, was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany (18121902), founder of the successful and influential jewelry firm, Tiffany & Co. Louis Tiffany advanced his reputation by his own name and his fathers.